She'll Dream a Little Heaven

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
No other song I have written do I wish had no audience, just this one song, "Calm Before the Storm".  I wrote this without any first hand, and very little second or third hand experience with domestic violence.  It was mostly a concept that I knew about, cared about but didn't really have any understanding of.  Sadly, since I wrote this song, I have now seen it first hand, and have encountered more than one young person whose life has been turned upside down by the horror and senselessness of domestic violence. I am now altogether too familiar with it.

The Tri Town Domestic Violence Task Force of the Holland Massachusetts area, after dealing with just such a tragedy, has kind of adopted my song as the theme for their program.  I am honored!   They have many activities and events, and there is this new website to look in on
Keep an ear out for an upcoming concert date, although no details are available yet.

I've put a newly re-mixed version of the song on the website, you may be hearing it as you read this. Please download a copy for yourself, (click at the bottom of the page) and spread the word to make domestic violence unacceptable!

Peace to you all, and thanks for spending a little time with me here.