A modest sailboat on the New England coast is home for singer Songwriter Jim Paradis.  Aboard with his guitar, he marries music and melody to scraps of lyrics inspired by encounters on the road.  His songs invite you in as they reveal the extraordinary in the commonplace.

A modest sailboat on the New England coast is home for this Singer Songwriter.  Aboard with his guitars and recording studio, he marries music and melody to the lyrics he scribbles on napkins and journals throughout his travels. The songs Jim Paradis writes evoke a sense of home, love & loss and the changes life brings to a searching soul. Jim’s smooth, melodic voice and finger-style guitar work are the perfect compliment for his intimate and philosophical lyrics. But it is his magnetic warmth that lifts him above the rest. Jim draws people into the stories, into the energy, into the emotion of his heartfelt songs.

Just two weeks after he picked up his first guitar, Jim Paradis joined a blues band. He was thirteen years old. But this unique singer/songwriter soon widened his musical horizons by becoming a member of an original progressive rock band, then a touring Rock and Roll band. Jim also enjoyed playing bass and singing in Gary Burr’s band, showcasing Gary's original songs, including "Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me," which launched Gary's Hall of Fame songwriting career. 
Since then Jim has written hundreds of songs, recorded 3 CD's with October Moon and 3 solo CDs, "You are Here", "Almost Home", and his latest "Not Finished Yet"  released on March 15, 2019.

Jim performs concerts, songwriter circles, listening room shows and house Concerts, his personal favorite. "I enjoy the intimacy of getting together with 20 or 30 people in a cozy home and singing for them.  It's very up close and personal and so I get to give them a little more of myself, and in turn, I get to experience them as well. It's very fulfilling"

Jim is looking forward to many years of touring and always finding new ears for his music to land on. And who knows, just maybe, if you are out on the waters of New England on some sultry summer evening, you might hear a guitar and a lonesome voice wafting on the breeze across the waves.

Now and Then