For performers who would like to inquire about performing here, please look this over so you know if you would be a good fit.

Music at the Farmhouse is here to provide a very intimate and bucolic setting near the CT River for singer songwriters that make their living through their original music, at least in part by touring and performing at house concert type settings.  

Artists will be asked to perform between an hour and 15 minutes up to a 2 hr set of their music followed by a meet and greet and a chance to sell their merchandise.

Typical suggested donations will be $25 - $30 of which 100% will go directly to the artist(s)

I limit attendance to 50 people and I work hard and spend some money to ensure there will be at least 20 or 30. 

If you would like to play here, please send, or have your agent send an email to and put “Booking Inquiry” in the title.  Include links to help me know you and your music.  It’s just me doing this, so please be patient.  You’ve planted the seed.  I will usually at least acknowledge your email within a week, and I don’t mind a follow up email or two a month later, but a lot of follow up communication isn’t a good thing in my book.

There will only be 4 or 5 shows per season, it’s outdoors so spring through fall, and it’ll be best to have a rain date in mind

To sum up, I want to showcase great music by those musicians that just can’t not play their music and have committed their livelihood to it.  If you, like me, have a job that earns you a living but do this music as a side thing, no matter how much you wish it was your full time gig, this venue is probably not for you at this time.

Good luck, and I hope to see you here at the Farmhouse.