From the recording Almost Home

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The darker side of the experience of ending a long time romance. I guess these questions will inevitably pop up from time to time.


Does Anyone Know
©2010 Paradis

Does anyone know a secret I need to understand
How to wake up every morning in an empty bed
Without crying for the broken lives – crushed by my own hand
Without thinking I’d be better off dead.

Does anyone have a clue how to wash away the stain
Of the blood from the hearts torn in two
Is there a secret I can learn to sooth the pain
Or to hide the fact that I’ve been such a fool

Does anyone know
A place to go
Or some hidden path to follow

Oh - will she forgive… or will I forgive myself
For the crimes of a stupid man
Will I love again, Oh please tell me when

Does anyone know how to hold back the tears
Bring back the years when she still loved me
Or is it my fate to walk alone without someone to hold
Oh please… does anyone know
Does anyone know