From the recording Almost Home

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While sailing on a very dark, moonless night, I knew we were coming up on a buoy, but could not see it until the very last minute. The way I described finally glimpsing it was by looking for the "holes in the darkness".. the places where it is actually darker than the darkness of the night. I knew right then it was going to be the title for a song... even though the song has nothing to do with sailing.


Holes in the Darkness
Jim Paradis 2010

It goes on forever, the waves against the sand
Counting the hours, the days
Stretching to eternity, immune to her demand
She knows no way out, so she stays

The sky has gone dark, the breeze has stilled
Silence, her only companion
No grace left to loose, no heart to be filled
All hope of love, abandoned

Reacing for the stars – she fell into the abyss
Aiming for a bullseye – she missed
Her prayer for love – a betrayers kiss
Now her only hope– holes in the darkness

She remembers sunny days, the wind on her face
The clear full moon and stars
But like a dream that vanishes when she wakes
Her memories only go so far

Time…… it dances through her mind
Home….. a place she can’t recall
Love ….. a cloud, that’s vanished with the wind
Darkness… her comforting shawl

It goes on forever, the waves against the beach
Broken dreams of love have left their mark
And though once she had happiness, now all that she can reach
… holes in the dark ness