From the recording Almost Home

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A song I wrote thinking of the way that I love my children... this song, indeed this album, is dedicated to Dan, Dave, Christy and John-Paul... you give me so much... I am a better man for having you all in my life.


I will be With You
© Jim Paradis 2004

When the sparks fly up around you
And the world just fills you up
And the morning breeze sets your soul at ease
In the arms of the one you love

I will be with you to celebrate your joy
I’ll be with you always with you

If the flames of love should burn you
And the heat become too much to bear
And the restful waters just boil and vanish in the air

I will be with you to offer you my hand
I’ll be with you, always with you

When the fire subsides, smoke fills your eyes
You’re blinded with no hope in sight
I will be there just holding your hand
Guiding each step through the night

While sifting through the ashes of what you once loved so well
You might find in the dark the tiniest spark
Well who knows? Who can say, Who can tell

But I will be with you