Passing of Time

It seems the Autumn is the best time for waxing philosophical, or lyrical, or just some pensive musings.  New years is a good time to take measure of where we've been in the past and chart some kind of course for the coming year.  But I must say, moving off the boat into my sweet little cottage is my time for soul searching and charting that course. 
For those of you that have checked in on me these past few years, you know that I have been pretty busy with grandbabies and job changes, and not nearly enough new music.  The CD I've been promising (myself, if no one else) for 4 years now is still a collection of half recorded songs and newer unrecorded songs.  I won't make any grand promises of getting "Not Finished Yet" finished, and then taking it on tour.  That's not to say I don't want to do that, I do!  But I have many musical projects on my plate and I don't want to get bogged down with one simply because I've been promising it.  Sometimes, I think, when things don't come together, there's a reason greater than my understanding and to force it would be disadvantageous. 

So I'll just say that my little recording studio is set up and ready.  I'll also say that my good friend and musical compadre, Mark Mirando, and I are planning a time of songwriting together with the possible outcome being a new October Moon CD, among other things. 

After all, we're not getting any younger!  But, having stated the obvious, I'll also remind myself that I feel and act younger and free-er when I keep my head in the musical clouds and let that endless sky with all it's stars, planets and Sun, lead me into that unknown... the future!

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