The Grove 

My life doesn't suck!  In the summer I live aboard my little sailboat.  It's a very austere time without many amenities, but it's a beautiful thing watching the best sunsets and falling asleep at night to the sounds of a water lapping against the hull.  There is such peace on the water for me.  
But as the weather turns colder I move about 150 yards inland to a little winterized cottage and spend what time I can watching the mood of Long Island Sound from my safe perch on my sunny enclosed porch.  It's inspiring!
I have the distinct pleasure and good fortune to know and get to hang out with some amazing musical people.  Some have made, are making, their living in a musical way while others, like me, make a living at other things but come to the musical table as often as life allows.  In recent weeks I've gotten to hear and hang out with the likes of Chris Berardo and the Desberardos,  Marc Douglas Berardo (He's one of the Desberardos but also an excellent singer songwriter, Mark Mirando, my long time friend, songwriting partner, producer and band mate with some pretty darned impressive credentials, Nashville songwriter Hall of Famer Gary Burr and his amazingly talented wife, Georgia Middleman, Jim Photoglo, and my newest aquaintance, the ever so talented, funny and Grammy winning Don Henry.  

I name these not to make you think I'm anything like as talented as they all are, but to say how wonderful it is to live a life where I get to intersect with the talent that all of these people share with the world. My life is richer and I am more motivated and inspired when I see what these people have accomplished.

So with the inspiration of water views, seasons changing and so many talented people, I'll be kicking it up a notch now that I'm settled in here at the Grove, sitting at my laptop recording studio with guitar in hand and piecing together some songs for you all to hear, for me to perform and, hopefully, record and share in CD or digital form.

Enjoy the change of the seasons and the peaceful reflection that autumn can bring.  I'll be seeing you soon!!

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