From the recording Almost Home

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Continuing the theme of domestic violence and abuse, this is a fictional account of just such a story.


What’s coming Due
Paradis 2009

I saw you standing by the stairway
I watched you pacing the floor
Chewing on your nails ‘till your fingers bled
Your fiery eyes glaring out the door

Your hair swept across your face
Like some sultry pinup queen
A picture well worth a million words
Of obsession, lust and greed

But no word crossed your lips
Not a single word betrayed you
Your temperature rising
The only reason that you stayed

I heard he made it to the city
Drown himself in booze and nicotine
Hiding where he hoped no one was looking
Trying just to wipe his slate clean

But no-one was buying
Anything he had to sell
His conniving and lying
Were as obvious as hell

You lied to yourself that’s what you do
You lied to me and everyone you knew
He walked in and walked all over you
Now you both had to pay what’s coming due

So you headed down the highway
Destination unknown
No good-bye note, no forwarding address
No clues as to where you had gone

Well you pulled off the exit ramp
Into that trashy motel
A random Shangri la in a jungle of steel
Last stop on your journey into hell

You were singing to the radio
That silly country song
Ignoring all the bridges burned
That might’ve led you home

Who can say how it came to be
Can anyone define this twist of fate
I’m sure you’d be convinced it was the power of love
But maybe it’s the dark lure of hate

Newspaper called it a crime of passion
No mention of the history of abuse
But when he walked in, saw you with another man
His fragile grip on sanity came loose

When the screaming was over
And the final shot rang
The only thing still warm
A pistol in his bloody hand

You lied to yourself that’s what you’d do
You lied to me and everyone you knew
You dreamed dream that never could come true
Now you’ve both paid what was coming due