House Concerts Anyone??

House Concerts... I love to play house concerts! 

A house concert is basically a party you have at your home, or attend at someone else's home, that provides a wonderful warm, casual setting where friends, family and welcome guests, come together and socialize with some form of food and drink, and then sit quiet for one or two 45  minute (give or take) sets of music they may never hear any other way. During intermission and after the show is when we meet and get a chance to know each other a little better.  

If you love music and want to support the many incredibly talented independent artists roaming the country looking for cool places to play, this is exactly the way to go.

So... why not host a house concert?  Yea@  you!!   ...  or, if you think you know of someone that has a place where this kind of event would work well, then by all means, read on:

What does it take to host a party like this??? A few things, for sure, but mostly it's up to your imagination. Here are the essentials:

  • A home that can comfortably hold maybe 20 - 40 people (more is fine) with enough room for the performer(s) and equipment. Doesn't need to be a dance hall, most living rooms or great rooms work very well. Even outside might be good, as longs as there is provision for bad weather.
  • The ability to actually have that much activity without creating an uncomfortable or illegal situation in your community.
  • Some means of inviting / welcoming / marketing the event to people that enjoy a bit of homegrown awesomeness, or who are at least willing to give it a shot. remember, 20 people should be the minimum guest expectation.  (Traveling artists are like sharks, they need to keep in motion to get to... well, you know the metaphor)
  • An imagination as to how to pull this all off and have a blast doing it!!!  it doesn't hurt to have the willingness to become friends with the artists you host.  The artists I know will love you forever!

Some suggestions...

  • pot luck, my personal favorite.  Attendees bring what they wand and share with everyone.
  • catered, if you can afford this and want that kind of organization, or if you can command a ticket price that pays for this as well as the performance.
  • cocktail party, perhaps this is shorter, sweeter and easier..
  • benefit for a cause, another of my favorites... I've done breast cancer, Habitat for Humanity, African Orphanage, Give a Bike....

And last, but definitely not least.... paying for it. Many possibilities here.

  • A very comfortable "suggested donation" type set up at $ 20 / person.  This would go to the artist.  If you need a contribution for other purposes that should be a separate consideration.
  • You can charge a ticket price and ask for money at the door or set up a ticket type account like EventBrite. There are others and they help you get interest for the event on line and take the ticket money there as well.
  • Just make it a free event and work with the artist on how he/she can get paid for their work.
  • Pay the artist a negotiated price and charge whatever you like in any way that suites you.

Well... what do you say, let's get started!!! If you want to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me by email,,  leaving a note on the guest page of this website with your contact information, or, If those are not good communication tools for you, you can find me on Facebook at , or, contact me via text or voice message at 203-641-3950

Thanks for taking time to consider this.
Hope to see you very soon!!

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