Not Finished Yet

If you're keeping track, it's 3 years and more since I've written a blog, released a CD, headed out to perform in venues more than 30 miles from my door or just acted like a performing songwriter in any significant way.  The reasons for this are both necessary and lame.   Since the last post I have welcomed my son home from his 3 year stay in Uganda, welcomed his new wife and my first grandson, welcomed 2 other grandchildren with yet another due any time.  I have moved in with my parents to assist in their day to day care as they each turned 94.  I have moved out and turned that ever more daunting task over to professionals as it got more complex and demanding than I was comfortable doing.  I have moved 5 times including onto and off of my little sailboat where I spend the summer months.  I am currently settled into a comfy little cottage where I can sit in a love seat on my sun heated front porch and watch as mother nature displays her various tempers on the waters of Long Island Sound.  She seems a bit upset today!!
It's not that I've been inactive musically, I have continued playing my solo acoustic gigs and I have gotten reacquainted with my good old 1975 Jazz bass by performing with a local band and sitting in and jamming with folks when the opportunity arises.  I've also done a fair amount of writing so there are plenty of songs to choose from for this next CD.
Which brings me to... this next CD!!  A few years back I was working diligently on recording the tracks for what I was announcing would be my next CD entitled "Not Finished Yet".  That title turned out to be prophetic!!  Other songs of mine seem to have proven prophetic as well so I'm writing a song now called "What I did with my Lottery Winnings" just to test this prophecy thing.
In the mean time I have gotten my recording equipment set up and am back at it.  I have set the date of April 1st 2015 for the release of my next CD (working title, "It's Done").  I'll be pestering you all with updates and snippets of songs as well as performance dates and other goodies.  Expect the work of Mark Mirando (  and Dick Neal ( and other talented friends to grace these recordings. 
I'm also looking forward to seeing the brilliant photography work of Adam Coppola (  for the packaging artwork.
I'm excited about the challenge of making a great CD for you to listen to and, hopefully, enjoy, and I hope you'll spend a little of your time with me just  for the fun of it!
See you soon!