A holiday gig for Friday, December 23rd at the Copper beech Inn in Ivoryton CT.  Cool old historic place with great food and ambience.  Check it out and come on down.   http://www.copperbeechinn.com/packages--events.html  

First meeting to get CD recording and production started is schedule for Monday at Circle Sound in Stratford, CT.  I'm so psyched to finally be having this meeting.  The fabulous Dick Neal is on board to engineer, co-produce and add a multitude of color in the form of various guitars and mandolin.  Who knows, I may even agree to a banjo on a song or two... but maybe not! :)
Of course Mark Mirando will be on board to produce, arrange, add piano and vocals, and smack me around when I get too out-there!

In the mean time, go to a show!  I'd put these singer songwriters on your list of "must see" artists.

Marc Douglas Berardo:  He just gets it right!!  A great blend between his "Mistakes" and what we might be tempted to find at the "Bottom of the Bottle"
Gary Burr:  An amazingly talented songwriter that can get the message across as well or better than the impressive list of artists who have covered his songs.  He and his wife, Georgia Middleman put on an awesome show together.  Usually with plenty of name dropping and humor.

And for you CT Folks:
Dick Neal Performing Songwriter
Mark Mirando Singer Songwriter (and my favorite co-writer)
Eric Lichter... and check out his cool studio and the events he does there, Dirt Floor Recording Studio

 Jim Paradis - Singer - Songwriter - performer of acoustic Folk with a Pop twist

Songs and stories of Love, Family and Hope.  Jim's smooth vocals, heartfelt melodies and poetic lyrics will draw you in to the emotional highs and lows of his journey as he is "running around in circles trying to find the straight and narrow path"

What's being said about "Almost Home"

"Truly beautiful and once again touched my heart as you always do"

"Absolutely wonderful...they are simply beautiful. Jim, you are gifted"

"Love, love, love the song!!!  Beautiful"

"Wow... I love your Music.  You have a great talent... amazing!"
Almost Home now available for Download at CDBaby.com

If you would like to help out with the costs of the production of the next CD entitled,
"Not Finished Yet" due out as soon as I can put all the pieces together, please do so here.It costs a bit of money and time
from some very talented and generous people to put this whole package together.  
I am always pleasantly surprised at how generous you all can be so, Thanks, in advance!

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Upcoming Performances

November 11
Cave a Vin     State St New Haven
8:30 - 11:30

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Photography by Adam Coppola